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COVID-19, birdsite, do NOT panic 

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Depuis 2015, la "République" m'a rendu antirépublicain.

A présent, l'Europe est en train de me rendre antieuropéen. 😠

day 35 : I fixed the method that checks if a grid is connected (a classic in graph theory),

Then, I read a tutorial about unit testing in Ruby ( with the Test::Unit module. I practiced this technique on my connected? method.

day 34 : I solved multiple bugs in a small Ruby program I had not worked on for a long time (a Kakuro game).

I have still some work to do on a method that is supposed to check if a grid is connected.

day 33 : I added basic options (bird count, speed...) to my murmuration program, and found an academic paper (link) I will use in my development.

I also began to write a manual page for this program.

day 32 : Today, I began the development of a murmuration (or bird flocking) model for xscreensaver, in ANSI C with OpenGL.

I spent about 1 hour understanding xcsreensaver standards, and I studied mathematical models for murmuration.

day 31 : I made a little modification to colorcheck, in order to have "cleaner" outputs when an exception (i.e a file not found, or a wrong syntax) occurs.

Then, I tried the other cssutils parse* functions.

The colorcheck code is here :

COVID-19, neg 

day 30 : I have now a functional main module, and I added a class to manage color data in CSS Rules.

I can now print clear outputs, indicating contrasts for each CSS Rule.

COVID-19, violence 

day 29 : I cleaned the code of the main module of my "checkcolors" program, and tested it with several simple stylesheets.

I also went deeper in the cssutils module documentation, in order to know how CSS selectors are managed and how stylesheets are parsed.

day 28 : I added unit tests for color luminance and contrast calculations, with the unittest module. I have now a solid base to continue this project.

day 27 : I worked on a project I had begun two years ago, during my previous 100DaysOfCode attempt.

It is a simple Python utility to check color contrasts in Web pages, for a better accessibility.

day 26 : Today, I tried to understand how to do curve fitting for probability distributions with Scipy.

In my "covidcurves" project, I will try 4 distributions : generalized Gamma, Gompertz, generalized logistic and skewed normal.

J'ai fait des crêpes hier soir.

Si Gordon Ramsay m'avait vu faire la première crêpe, il aurait réagi comme ça :

day 25 : Several fixes in my "stopcovidwatch" project : I corrected an error in percentages rounding (the sum was sometimes equal to 99 or 101), added percentages labels on a chart, and fixed the "usage" message to make it Docopt-compliant.

day 24 : I added other views with HAML : a form for new article creation, and a page for showing an article, with its id.

I also began to add model classes for articles and categories, but I had difficulties to understand how ROM works for persistency.

day 23 : I could make my articles controller work properly with a modular design. Then, I began to learn HAML (HTML Abstraction Markup Language) and I added a (very rudimentary view) for articles index.

day 22 : I wrote two very simple controllers for blog articles and categories in my CMS project, and I tried to figure out how to write the application in a modular style.

I completed my Gemfile (for Postgres and HAML support) and added a very simple config file.

day 21 : I studied some Ruby web application development basics, such as Gemfiles or MVC conception. I could decide how my CMS application will be structured.

I also read a Ruby Object-Mapper tutorial (for the persistence layer) :

day 20 : Today, I initiated myself to the Sinatra framework (written in Ruby), with some Youtube tutorials (

I began the development of a simple blog engine powered by this framework.

day 19 : I have nearly finished the data parsing module in my "covidcurves" project. However, I still need to test it more carefully with unittest.

It was a good occasion to study Python regular expressions again.

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