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day 93 :
Tonight, I made a slight change in my views to use <textarea> for content instead of <input>

Then, I worked on a migration to add a category table, and I studied associations in Ruby Object Mapper.

COVID-19, birdsite 

day 92 :
I made good progress tonight, my articles edition method works, and the HAML code seems correct now.

For the articles part, I still have to include a delete operation. Tomorrow, I will work to add another controller, for categories.

Après avoir écrit du code avec le framework Sinatra pendant une bonne partie de la soirée, je vais regarder un documentaire sur... Frank Sinatra (All or Nothing at All sur Netflix).

day 91 :
After a little bugfix in my articles creation method (the redirection was missing), I corrected additional mistakes in my HAML code.

I can now display a list of articles, and an article given by its id. I should now add articles edition and deletion.

day 90 :
I worked on my CMS project (with Sinatra).

I watched a Youtube tutorial about HAML (link below), then I corrected some mistakes I had made in writing my views. I also completed my articles controller to allow articles creation.

Je suis totalement d'accord avec Nicolas Bedos et Vincent Lindon. Le délire autour du covid n'a que trop duré.

Et les marchands de peur doivent payer pour le mal qu'ils ont provoqué.

day 89 :
Today, I tested (with cunit) and validated my circumsphere and bowl belonging functions.

Then, I made good progress in my Delaunay triangulation implementation. The init part (a "super-tetrahedron" function) is nearly ready.

Qu'on leur retire immédiatement leurs prix Nobel.

Des "prix Nobel" d'économie pas fichus de se rendre compte qu'un confinement est économiquement catastrophique, c'est un peu comme un chef étoilé qui ne saurait même pas faire cuire des pâtes.

day 88 :
I worked 2 hours on my xscreensaver project.

I could debug, test, and validate my matrices computations functions (i.e determinants for 3x3 and 4x4 square matrices).

Unit tests were useful here, as I had made a silly mistake in the determinant function.

day 87 :
I could not find why the "cargo publish" command fails, even after a long search in the documentations of cargo and libcurl. I will publish this crate on later.

However, I published the crate on my forge :

day 86 :
My first crate is now ready for a publication in I checked it with the command "cargo verify-project".

However, I have an error when I run the "cargo publish" command : "Couldn't use specified SSL cipher".

day 85 :
I have added a file, and improved the Cargo.toml file in my crate, but I have sill a few issues to solve before having a correct package.

I managed to create an account on, and tried the "cargo publish --dry-run command"

J'ai trouvé le code source des tenants de la "seconde vague" :

# include <stdio.h>

void main()
while(true) {
printf("Wait two weeks\n");

day 84 :
I have solved all the warnings. The dead code warning was caused by a bad usage of "use" directive.

I also completed the crate documentation, and understood how to avoid generating doc for dependencies.

Now, it's time to publish on

Moi quand je vois des "enseignants" réclamer la fermeture des écoles au premier nez qui coule.

day 83 :
I worked on my Rust mini-project (randscatter) correcting some glitches, and trying to understand warnings given by rustc.

I still can not figure out why 2 functions as labelled as "dead code", even if they are called elsewhere.

COVID-19, politique 

day 82 :
My standalone distribution and testing systems are now complete. I can now compile my xscreensaver program and the related unit tests easily.

The changes are visible on the link below :

Lancement de la compilation : vendredi à 1h30 du matin.
Fin de la compilation : samedi à 7h42.

Total : Plus de 30 heures pour compiler NodeJS 12.16.3 sur un Raspberry Pi 3B. 😂 😹

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