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Hier, vers 22h, en marchant sur la Voie Verte à Nemours, j'ai pu observer le Triangle d'été (Deneb - Vega - Altaïr) ainsi que Jupiter et Saturne.

Les moutons débiles qui ne sortent pas "pour cause de COVID-19", voilà ce que vous ratez. 😏

Opinion impopulaire 

Je dois faire un aveu : je n'ai pas tenu plus d'une demi-heure avant de bafouer le "couvre-feu". 😏

A minuit et demie, je suis donc tranquillement sorti de chez moi pour faire mon petit tour autour du canal du Loing.

Et je n'étais pas tout seul dehors. 😏

For the next years, my main priority in my career will be quality.

I understood, with the dreadful Ferguson COVID-19 model code, how disastrous negligence and
lack of quality standards can be. (2/2)

Last week, I finished the challenge : code at least one hour a day during 100 consecutive days.

This was a good occasion to advance in my side projects, and to to discover other tools like the Sinatra framework or Matplotlib.

More importantly, this was the occasion to enforce standards in my side projects.

I used a lot of automated unit tests and learnt how to document my code and my programs properly. (1/2)

COVID-19, dictature sanitaire, rant 

COVID-19, dictature sanitaire 

J'ai signé hier la .

La dernière fois que j'ai signé une pétition, c'était en 2007, contre l'utilisation des ordinateurs de vote aux élections.

day 100 :
I have just released the 0.1 version of iterate, my fractals drawing utility. Available on

For the final day, I have added some documentation, corrected a little bug in the main function and completed the Makefile.

day 99 :
My options management code works. I have studied how to check strtod() and strtol() outputs (in order to reject badly-formatted parameters) but I will include this in the next version.

My code is nearly complete, I will add some documentation tomorrow.

J'ai reçu hier, de mon employeur, un carnet de tickets-restaurant du mois d'avril.

Chers restaurateurs, si vous foutez votre "protocole sanitaire" à la benne, je viens les dépenser chez vous.

Dans le cas contraire, je les donnerai à Action contre la Faim dans 4 mois.

day 98 :
In my fractals drawing project, I have cleaned the code (written in ANSI C), included a Makefile, and I am adding options management with getopt_long().

I will release a first public version on Thursday.

COVID-19, do NOT panic 

day 97 :
To finish these 100 days, let's draw some fractals.

I am working on a small command-line fractals drawing utility I had begun 3 years ago, and left behind.

day 96 :
I tried to advance in my curve-fitting project, but I struggled with Python imports.

I still can not run the code and the tests (even if both are correct) with the same syntax in imports.

day 95 :
I worked with Matplotlib axis locators and formatters (especially AutoDateLocator and ConciseDateFormatter), to improve charts presentation.

I have already a good result for one of my charts, and I will continue this task in a few days.

day 94 :
I studied how to build recursive foreign keys with PostgreSQL, as my categories table must be hierarchical.

Now, on rake db:migrate execution, I have a strange error with Sequel (Sequel::DatabaseError: PG::UndefinedTable), and I will solve it later.

COVID-19, Cuomo 

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